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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

How Does One Report Fairly on Leon Koziol?

Earlier today, someone left the following comment on this blog:

"Tow of the three serious candidates? I would like to introduce you to Leon Koziol. You seem to have some love for the internet, and think it is so important. Well, it's not. I have been studying politics for many years (B.A. in Political Science, Brown University, J.D. from Cornell) and very, very few people actually visit these sites (other than political insiders). However, Koziol does have a site being worked on and it will be up and running this week. Now to the real issue...Your lack of journalistic integrity. Your failure to even mention a candidate who is the only one currently running TV ads, has traveled the district, and nearly locked-up the Independence line, is clearly a biased and intentional act on your part. I do agree with many of your views, and certainly enjoy many of your posts; however, you should pay more attention to fair reporting. Politics can get very dirty (especially in Oneida County), and I would hate to see a negative campaign launched against your pal Les."

I'd like to address this comment by considering the simple question: How does one report fairly on Leon Koziol?

First of all, I might say that, as much as I have an interest in providing information on the 24th District congressional campaign, I value fair advocacy as well as fair reporting. This is a blog, not a newspaper. So, while you'll currently find more information here on the campaigns than you will in any newspaper in this district, that doesn't mean that I hold myself to newspaper standards of neutrality. When I learn enough about the Democratic candidates to endorse one of them, I'll do so, but Bruce Tytler and Mike Arcuri are still holding their cards too close to their chests to really tell what kind of candidates they'll be... once they get their campaigns really running, which they haven't so far.

I'm not a right wing Democrat of the Joseph Lieberman sort. Leon Koziol is. Therefore, he's just not getting my vote. I wholeheartedly endorse opposition to Leon Koziol. The right wing agenda he supports makes him just not worth considering at all. That isn't just my opinion. It'll be the opinion of the majority of the Democrats in District 24 too. As much as right wing Democrats like to pretend that they're in charge, most Democrats here are moderately to strongly progressive, especially in light of the very low popularity of the Republicans in Congress and President Bush right now.

Besides being a right winger, Leon Koziol kind of comes off as a kook. He doesn't answer telephone calls or emails in a manner that is at all timely. Mr. Koziol sent me one of those television advertisements that the anonymous commenter talks about. Koziol told me it was a campaign advertisement. It's nothing of the sort. It's an advertisement for his law firm, with some pretty blatant attempts to skirt the campaign finance laws by creating the impression that it's an ad to promote Leon Koziol for Congress, without ever saying so. That's pretty slicky tricky, but you know, the part that stays with me is the slick part - oily slick.

Then there's the fact that, although Leon Koziol made his "announcement" two weeks ago, and his supporters were going around telling people that Koziol already had 20,000 dollars in campaign contributions, he still doesn't have any paperwork with the FEC. That's mighty, mighty suspicious. I'm starting to suspect that this whole Koziol for Congress nonsense is really just a scheme to drum up business for Koziol's law firm.

Every contact I've had with Leon Koziol suggests that he's not serious. The only fair thing to report is that he doesn't look like a serious candidate. Objectivity is not the same thing as blindness. I'm not going to pretend that a fish rotting on the lakeside is a piece of fine cuisine.

I particularly enjoy hearing about how unimportant the Internet is for politics from a visitor who's come to read and comment this a political blog. If the Internet doesn't matter in this campaign, what's this commenter wasting his time here for?

It doesn't take a degree from Cornell University to figure that one out.


  • One way would be to make a complaint to the FEC and then report on their reaction.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:38 PM  

  • You seem to be leaning toward Roberts, and that is fine. However, if you were politically savy, you would be promoting Koziol's campaign. Just think, if Koziol spends enough money, although he may not win, he can split the vote in Oneida County with Arcuri. This will HELP Roberts, and is the only way Roberts can win the primary. It is not always about winning, and Koziol is well aware of this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:25 AM  

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