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Monday, July 17, 2006

Bob Johnson second quarter fundraising numbers

This post is part of a larger effort by local bloggers across the state to cover New York's Congressional races and the release of the second quarter fundraising numbers today.

Working Families Party endorsed Democrat Bob Johnson has a steep hill to climb to unseat right-wing Republican John McHugh, as was evidenced by the second quarter fundraising totals released today. That said, the campaign for the largest congressional district east of the Missippi is starting to heat up.

The biggest obstacle Bob faces is the fact that few people are really paying attention to McHugh and his record. Bob Johnson shares the values of most New Yorkers, John McHugh does not. McHugh is given a pass by many because of token throw-away votes on pro-labor positions that unfortunately lacked support in Congress, and his long incumbency (though some - myself included - consider that more of a liability).
McHugh voted with President Bush 82% of the time, voted the GOP party line 91% of the time, and he voted with disgraced former House leader Tom DeLay 88% of the time (through 3/31/2006).

Bob Johnson has raised $69,157 for the year with $9,030 cash on hand while his Bush-Republican opponent McHugh has raised $333,746, mostly from out-of-state PAC's, and has $385,381 on hand. McHugh has only raised a tiny portion of his campaign spoils from individuals ($68,200). The fact that he has spent little of his overall funds is not really surprising as McHugh prefers to use tax-payer funded mailings to do his campaigning, so he can use his campaign funds to boost his Republican cronies - including $1,000 to Cheney's buddy Ray Meier.

McHugh acts as a conduit from the PAC's to the Congressional Republicans, something some of those PAC's should consider carefully when they contribute to him from now on - he has contributed
$25,000.00 to the National Republican Congressional Committee!

More data on the district:
  • Status: Republican incumbent John McHugh seeking his 7th Term
  • Voter registration: Republican - 183,916 (44.30%), Democratic - 121,566 (29.28%), Other -109,691 (26.42%)
  • 2004 Presidential vote: BUSH 51.03% , KERRY 46.86%
  • 2004 House vote: John McHugh (R) 71% def. Bob Johnson(D) 29%
  • 2006 fundraising totals: Johnson $69,157, McHugh $333,746
  • 2006 cash on hand: Johnson $9,030, McHugh $385,381

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UPDATE (9PM): There is a great post on Daily KOS about the NY Congressional Races. with detailed analysis.


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