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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dear John...

I recently got a slick little taxpayer-funded mailing from John McHugh trumpeting his votes to extend the Republican tax giveaway to the rich. Obviously McHugh is getting a little worried about his strong Democratic and Working Families challenger Bob Johnson, and McHugh should be, but why didn't John want to promote his other votes in the congress?

McHugh recently voted to support an open ended policy in Iraq, while also voting against expanding healthcare for our troops and voting in favor of awarding contracts to Haliburton after they where shown to be fleecing the military for millions.

While gas prices spiral out of control John McHugh voted to give the oil industry billions and voted against cracking down on their price gouging. This just goes to show the $13,035 they gave him has been a smart investment for them.

The time has come for the voters of the 23rd Congressional district to give our "representative" a "Dear John" letter, and get a REAL representative that shares our values, Bob Johnson.

For more on McHugh's mis-representation of New York check out: http://www.dccc.org/gopauctionhouse/members/JohnMcHughNY-23.html

For more on our next Congressman Bob Johnson check out:


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