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Monday, April 24, 2006

Dr. Johnson speaks at large peace rally


Saturday in Plattsburgh, NY (in the North-East corner of NY), around 250 concerned patriots gathered with North Country Democracy for America to speak out for peace. We marched from Plattsburgh State University into downtown Plattsburgh where we had many eloquent speakers and music by Mike Pedersen.

Dr. Bob Johnson, Democrat running for Congress in New York's 23rd District to unseat the right-wing Republican John McHugh, gave a rousing speech about the need for change in our war obsessed foreign policy and against the Republican Culture of Corruption.

Plattsburgh City Councilor and North Country DFA member Bill Provost reminded us of Eisenhower's farewell address where he warned against the military-industrial complex. He noted that the current regime in Washington is virtually a direct representative of that military-industrial complex we warned against so many years ago. Bill recently sponsored a resolution in the Plattsburgh City Council in support of HR 635, calling for the investigation of the Bush Administration. The findings of this investigation could result in the Impeachment of the Bush/Cheney Administration. We are currently working to support similar resolutions around New York State and I encourage all New Yorkers to get in touch with us for more information.

We where proud to be joined by a number of Veterans who spoke out against the Bush reckless war policies. Dr. Bob Johnson himself served in the Army Medical Corps during the first Gulf War, and I was proud to serve in the Navy under the Clinton administration during peacetime. The most moving event came when a sign was displayed formed of the names of the first 2000 soldiers killed in Iraq into the word "WHY?" We observed a moment of silence in honor of the fallen, but we will never be silent in our opposition to the unjust and misguided Iraq war and Bush's plans for attacking Iran.

Many of the speakers noted that the only real way to stop the war in Iraq, and a future war in Iran, is by taking away the Bush rubber-stamp Congress and cleaning out the Republican Culture of Corruption infesting our government. North Country Democracy for America will continue organize and mobilize people here in New York's North Country to Democratic victory in November and beyond.

Check out the North Country DFA's Peace Rally page for more photos and a great article from the local press about the rally for more information.


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