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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Republican Syndicate: Bush & McHugh

If you've been reading my blog you've probably noticed me write about the Republican Culture of Corruption, which refers to the Republican party's consistent national pattern of unethical behavior. The Republican party under the leadership of George W. Bush has been corrupted by the temptations caused by controlling all branches of the national government and in many ways now resembles some kind of crime family.

As head of the Republican Syndicate, George "Dubya" Bush has abused the office of President of the United States on countless occasions. Bush authorized the leak of classified information that lead eventually to the public revelation of an undercover CIA operative's identity. He mislead the nation about the reasons for entering the war in Iraq, which has cost thousands of American lives, and billions of dollars. Dubya and his allies have also been involved in numerous election irregularities, including voter suppression in Florida in 2000 & a phone scam during a Senate race in New Hampshire in 2002. Also, Bush has suspiciously close ties to notoriously unreliable electronic voting machine manufacturer Diebold. He botched the response to the terrible Hurricane Katrina and lied to the public about his knowledge of the problem. George Bush has appointed unsavory individuals to his White House staff, and praised and rewarded incompetent Government officials. He demands the erosion of American civil liberties and may have been complacent in the torture of prisoners of war in Iraq. For all these reasons and more the vast majority of Americans have lost all faith in Bush, and many are calling for him to be Censured or investigated for possible Impeachment. The City of Plattsburgh passed a resolution recently in support of such an investigation.

Republican John McHugh is a hardcore Bush crony in the U.S. Congress that ensures Dubya's will can be imposed upon the people of America and New York. McHugh is a dedicated supporter of the failed Bush plans for war in Iraq. McHugh has also often expressed strong confidence in the leadership of ethically-challenged former House leader Tom "The Hammer" DeLay, who recently resigned in disgrace after being indicted by a grand jury in his home state of Texas. Scandalously, John McHugh has taken large amounts of money from associates of convicted criminal lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Despite token votes for a few labor friendly bills when he knows they are doomed to failure in the Republican infested Congress, McHugh does not represent the values of upstate New York's working families. He is a radical Republican that votes in lock-step with Bush's whims. Unlike the draft dodger McHugh, Dr. Bob Johnson is a proud veteran who will bring honor and integrity to the NY-23 Congressional seat.

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