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Saturday, July 22, 2006

New York - Republican's Waterloo in 2006

As the Spitzer tidal wave combines with the "Throw the Republi-bums Out" mood of the nation, New York is shaping up to be the critical battleground in election 2006.

Unfortunately NY state isn't yet getting the national attention it deserves in my opinion. I don't think people outside of New York quite get how high of a Democratic wave is approaching on the New York horizon.

Take a look at the numbers from the most recent WNBC/Marist Poll:
In NY-23 Bob Johnson has been reaching out to the online community. With the right amount of attention and money this race could very well shift into the realm of possibility.

Bob Johnson's opponent, Neo-Con Republican John McHugh, voted with Bush on the Stem Cell research bill and this should be a factor in the election as well. Unlike McHugh, many Republicans in Congress joined with almost all the Democrats to get this bill passed. In a stunning display of ignorance, Bush used his first and only veto in five years as President against a bill sixty percent of Americans support! This completely unacceptable vote by McHugh and arrogant veto by Bush will deny hope to millions of Americans looking for help with life-threatening diseases and injuries.

In an effort to boost the rising blue tide the
Working Families Party is pledging to double contributions made to the Working Families Party's Take Back Congress -- New York Federal Committee.

Every $1 you give will translate into $2, so your $20.06 donation - for victory in 2006! - becomes $40 and a $50 donation from you becomes $100 that we can spend to elect Democratic-Working Families Congressional nominees in target districts.

Donate now to Take Back Congress and your donation will be effectively doubled.

Donate now: http://www.workingfamiliesparty.org/support/

Polls show Republican incumbents across the country and here in New York are losing support. Eliot Spitzer and Hillary Rodham Clinton are headed to overwhelming victories that will give the Congressional candidates on the ballot with them a boost on election day. But the election is less than 120 days away, and you can be sure that Karl Rove and the Republican incumbents will not leave quietly. They will do whatever they can - including some nasty, dirty campaigning - to hold on.

Some relevant history. In 2002, votes on the WFP ballot line were the margin of victory when Tim Bishop beat Republican Congressman Felix Grucci in Suffolk. In 2004, we did it again with Brian Higgins in Buffalo. In 2006, Bush is more unpopular than he's ever been - and more Republican-held seats are facing serious challengers. This is the chance we've been waiting for.

The past six years of George W. Bush have been bad, even disastrous, for our country and the world. Bush is in office until 2008, but we don't want him to have two more years to inflict more damage. We need to Take Back Congress and put an early end to the Bush Presidency.

Let's seize this opportunity - make a donation today.

Donate now: http://www.workingfamiliesparty.org/support/

Thank you,
Steve Perez
Working Families Party Online Organizer

National Journal has bumped up the ranking for some of the New York House races.


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