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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Why is Democrat Bob Johnson on the No-Fly List?

Up in the North Country, Democrat Dr. Bob Johnson is fighting a hard scrabble, grassroots campaign against incumbent right wing Republican John McHugh. 23rd District bloggers like Bob Aubin have been helping in Johnson's struggle, pointing out John McHugh's weaknesses - McHugh's support for special tax loopholes for people like Paris Hilton, heirs of multi-million dollar fortunes.

A mystery has recently arisen in the race that is putting a crimp in Dr. Bob's mobility. Someone, it seems, has placed Bob Johnson's name on the anti-terrorist No Fly List.

Who did it? Why would somebody put the name of a respected physician and candidate for Congress on a list of possible terrorists?

This much we know: Congressman John McHugh may not have personally put Bob Johnson's name on that No Fly List, but McHugh has been a big suppporter of the bureaucracy that makes these kind of Homeland Security screwups all too common. The system is broken, and John McHugh's right wing agenda is part of what's making it broken.

We can do better. Bob Johnson can do better.


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